Bodybuilders / Profiles · 12 July 2022

Dan Lurie

“History is written by victors”. This is an oft-used phrase attributed to Winston Churchill but its origins are unknown and unconfirmed. The phrase suggests historical documentation is underpinned not by facts but by the winner’s version of them. The victor dictates the narrative of what goes down in the archive of events gone by.

Dan Lurie

In bodybuilding perhaps the same can be said. Over the years there were many notable figures in our wonderful sport. In physique, promotion, publishing and those who turned it into a business venture.

Dan Lurie has become a forgotten figure to an extent. A one-time partner of Joe Weider and instrumental in the promotion and popularisation of bodybuilding, Dan is a hugely important figure in the tapestry of bodybuilding gone.

Dan can also be categorised as one of those who fell on the losing side of the battle. His erstwhile business partner Joe Weider went from friend to foe. The pair parted in somewhat acrimonious circumstances.

Joe went on to establish the IFBB and Dan the WBBG. whilst Dan did have success with his federation and magazine, Muscle Training Illustrated. His achievement pales in comparison to what Joe achieved. The Weiders with their IFBB would go on to dominate bodybuilding in the years to come. In the process eclipsing even NABBA and its Mr Universe title with their Mr Olympia contest.

Sadly Dan Lurie whilst battling back to maintain his position in bodybuilding would eventually succumb to the might of Weider. The IFBB became the kingpin and the Mr Olympia the premier contest in the world.

Yet we must not forget what Dan did for bodybuilding. A capable and immensely strong bodybuilder himself he championed and promoted many of the stars who would go on to dominate the golden era. For many Dan Lurie holds a special place in bodybuilding history.