Bodybuilders / Profiles · 12 July 2022

Greg Grant – INBA Natural Olympia

Greg Grant (left) holds a special distinction in the world of bodybuilding. To the best of my knowledge, he has the highest documented contest entries of any bodybuilder. A staggering 118 contests, starting with the NBA Natural Mr America in 1981 where he placed 3rd in the tall class and culminating in the 2020 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters over 60 placing 1st.

Greg Grant INBA Natural Olympia
Photo: Ralph De Haan

This incredible tally accrued over just short of four decades is all the more surprising as after the 81 contest, Greg took an eighteen-year hiatus. Returning in 1999 to claim the INBA Natural Olympia tall class and the Masters’ tall division of the same contest.

Greg takes the most contest entries title ahead of Al Beckles who is in 2nd place with 110 contests. Whilst Greg is the top dog with his contest entry record, he cannot match Art Peacock for career longevity. Art has a competitive career spanning 48 years, now that is a record we’re unlikely to see broken!

Kudos to these incredible individuals who show us with the right approach and application bodybuilding can indeed be a lifelong pursuit. Well done gentlemen.

Art Peacock
Art Peacock